måndag 23 januari 2012

Tall tales and short people

The 7th of February a new issue of Fenix hits the shelves, and as previously advertised Ken Hite returns with a fantasy setpiece called "the Werewolves of Dacia". Below is a sneak preview of my illustration for it.

A little more from last year.

I did touch-up on this piece for a gaming website. They only needed a part of it. Here's all of it:

"Half Ogre Hero - Redux"
lukas thelin, fantasy, half ogre hero, ogre

torsdag 12 januari 2012

End of last year Round Up - New Hites!

While being covers for the last three issues of swedish gaming and entertainment magazine 'Fenix - Speltidningen', these two illustrations and the one in the previous entry were primarily commissioned to accompany three feature articles by renowned sci-fi/horror writer Kenneth Hite. He has graciously agreed to contribute one piece per issue for as long as Nyarlathotep will allow it, and so will I.
On occasion you can also find Mr. Hite on the fantastic HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast.

"Demons of Memory"
Fenix #6 2011
lukas thelin, kenneth hite, demons of memory, fenix, agents, government, cover

"City of Golden Vampires"
Fenix #5 2011
lukas thelin, fenix, cover, kenneth hite, mayan vampires, conquistadors, city of golden vampires