torsdag 7 maj 2009

Making Lemonade

A couple of months ago i took on a job doing a booklet for the Swedish center for adult education about setting up review committees for official personnel or some such. As you can imagine the mass of text was boring to the point of almost killing me. Illustrating an anemic tome of this caliber in any conventional manner seemed counterproductive if even possible.
Eventually I decided just to do something fun that would make the text bearable, namely superheroes - YAY!

The cover depicting "The Ultimate Team" of reviewers

The team leader. Obvious references to both The Incredibles and Portal.

The Visionary

The Networker

The Brainstormer

The Administrator

The Executor

Presenting the material. Listen up rugrats!

Team dynamics.. Myes.. Giant robot..

Conclusion - great success!

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metamorphosis sa...

Vilka grymma illustrationer du gör! Det behövs fler superhjältar i världen...