lördag 2 november 2013

F*** it. We're Going Live!

The newest of my crop of projects is a Swedish language version of the classic Rpg and Game Book series Lone Wolf by Joe Dever. We're scheduled to release the first Book, 'Flight From the Dark', and the map pack by Easter next year, so I'm in full swing making new covers for the books and new everything for the Rpg.
To be able to really boost the production value we've just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Fundedbyme (Link HERE), it's live now and open for pledges until Dec 16th. It's got a bunch of goodies and extras available for generous fantasy geeks.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The game and books will be Swedish language ONLY!**

Here are some sneak peeks of the new artwork. Enjoy.

"Lone Wolf - Road of Peril"
Promotional Poster #1

"Lone Wolf - Road of Peril #2"
Alternate Promotional Poster (w Logo)
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"Heroes of Magnamund - Border Ranger of the North"
Lone Wolf Rpg interior art (promo version)

"Heroes of Magnamund - Telchos Warrior"
Lone Wolf Rpg interior art (BW promo version)

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Wow, what an incredible art work!
Tack så mycket.