fredag 20 september 2013

The Big 5ive-O

With #2  2012, Fenix Magazine celebrated its 50th issue as a gaming publication. As it happens, I have had artwork featured in every single one of those issues, so it was a big thing for me as well.
 I commemorated the event with a cover that's a spoof of the classic Frank Frazzetta cover from Conan the Adventurer but with a guest appearance by another prominent character from Fenix's history, namely 'Birger Barbaren' (Birger the Barbarian). This comic character created by Åke Rosenius has been featured with three new strips in every issue since the start. 
 Also in this issue; "Last Flight of KG200" an original game by Kenneth Hite centered on the cursed crew of the titular Nazi bomber who gets lost en route the their destination and ends up in a randomly generated weird fiction nightmare in the sky. The only question is; "when, and by what hellish means do they all expire"?
 Lastly, a playing card sized illustration for a 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' like game, with a phoenix theme of course:)

"Birger Barbaren strikes again!"
lukas thelin, fenix, cover art, birger barbaren, frank frazzetta, conan, fantasy art

 "Last Flight of KG200 - Evil Skies"
lukas thelin, fenix, last flight of kg200, kenneth hite, sci fi art, nazi bomber, horror, lightning, evil skies

"Last Flight of KG200 - Werewolf SS"
lukas thelin, fenix, last flight of kg200, kenneth hite, horror art, nazi werewolf, pilots

"Fighting Phoenix"
lukas thelin, fenix, phoenix, fantasy art

And last but not least, some sketches:

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