fredag 27 september 2013

The Doom that came to Fenix.

For reasons that I shouldn't really have to explain to anyone, #6 of Fenix for the year 2012 was all about the end of the world.
Kicking off what I had every reason to expect would be the final chapter of the magazine - and indeed the human race - was "Undergångsuret" (The Doomsday Clock), written by Kristoffer Krämer. A piece of investigative horror campaign fodder centered on a mystical artifact that predicts (or maybe causes) the end of the world. Can the protagonists turn back the clock on the Apocalypse? Will they even wish to?
The piece de resistance came in the form of Ken Hites last hurrah, "51 Mythos Dooms", where almost every horrible thing from H.P. Lovecraft's works gets their turn at bat. Nothing says "The Party's Over" like Lovecraft, and this world isn't going to end itself.

"51 Mythos Dooms"
lukas thelin, fenix, kenneth hite, 51 mythos dooms, hp lovecraft mythos, end of the world, horror art, hipster girl

"The Doomsday Clock"
lukas thelin, fenix, undergångsuret, mayan apocalypse, 2012

*Notes on the cover*
This piece has got a bunch of Easter eggs in it, most of them inspired by the sections of the article devoted to; Cthugha, Daoloth, Dark Young of Shub Niggurath, Dholes, Hastur, Tsathoggua and Yog-Sothot. The print on the girls t-shirt is my version of the well worn HPL meme. I don't know who first came up with that idea, but kudos to them.

*The (same) color out of space*
Seeing them on top of each other like this, the similarities in color composition between the two pictures are pretty obvious. I could go off on a whole spiel and get all defensive, but truthfully - It was crunch time, I was tired and it just happened like that. I guess I was in a blue-ish green and purple state of mind:)

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