fredag 4 oktober 2013

Always Bet on Black

The death of an affluent Texas railroad man and the reappearance of a legendary black vigilante-turned-train robber called 'The Black Lion' has sparked off a furious man hunt through the Lone Star State. A diverse team of bounty men, railroad snoops and hired law must work together to catch the culprits before they reach Mexico, while secrets, racism, greed, and the lust for vengeance muddies the waters. To learn what really happened before the trail, and bodies, go cold, the PCs will need to look beyond their differences. The truth is more than skin deep.

"Mannen i Svart" (The Man in Black) is this year's GothCon scenario for Western Rpg, and one I am extra proud of, for a number of reasons. In part because I felt I had more input in the development of the overall story than ever before, but also because it deals with some very uncomfortable subjects in a creative way, without feeling too exploitative (I hope). I am also very pleased with how the pictures came out, especially those of the characters.
Mannen i Svart is an official product for Western Rollspelet, available for purchase in full color softcover. It comes packaged with separate handouts of maps, character sheets, Pinkerton cards and 21 character portraits.

I'm happy to inform that it seems the players at GothCon shared my sentiment, as we recently received word that The Man in Black was voted Best of Con in the scenario category for this year. We could hardly wish for a better endorsement, and I wish to thank all those who played and voted!

"The Man in Black"
lukas thelin, 2013, western rpg, mannen i svart, the man in black, adventure, hell on wheels, train robbery, black hero
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Characters sample
lukas thelin, 2013, western rpg, mannen i svart, the man in black, adventure, characters, black bounty hunter, strong women

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