tisdag 1 oktober 2013

The Price is Right

Since a few years back I've contributed artwork to the Western Rpg scenarios that my friends and benefactors Anders and Tove Gillbring arrange on Gothenburg's annual gaming convention, GothCon. The projects started out as fairly modest affairs, a small cover piece and a handful of mugshots in black and white. 2007s "Revolverns Lag" (The Law of the Gun), 2009s "Kalla Hjärtan" (Cold Hearts), and 2010s "Frihetens Pris" (The Price of Freedom) kept to that format.
 As the years went on and our confidence grew, so did the productions, and with 2011s "Priset för ett liv" (The Price of a Life) the show was in full color. Earlier that year, The Law of the Gun received a revamping, due in great part to the popularity of one of it's playable characters, the gunfighter Vincent "Dead Eye" Cole, who's signature pale gaze not only made the new cover, but also landed him a part in The Price of a Life. A man with a gun is never short of work, and a man with THREE guns...
 In 2012 we finally went whole hog when we submitted the concluding part in the 'Price' trilogy, "Sanningens Pris" (The Price of Truth), as a professionally printed soft cover. It went over really well at the Con and quickly sold out it's initial pressing. Encouraged by the reception of 'Truth' we sent a complete overhaul of The Price of a Life to the printers as well. 

"The Law of the Gun - Redux"
lukas thelin, western, rpg, art, revolverns lag

"The Price of a Life - Redux"
lukas thelin, western, rpg, art, priset för ett liv
High res

"What makes a Man, mister Cole?"
lukas thelin, western, rpg, art

9 out of 21 character mugshots
lukas thelin, western, rpg, art, characters


"The Price of Truth"
New cover
lukas thelin, western, rpg, art, sanningens pris
High res
lukas thelin, western, rpg, art, sanningens pris

"Warm Welcome"

A few faces
lukas thelin, western, rpg, art, character illustrations
(A shameless celebrity cameo in this one. It's downright Criminal)

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