onsdag 9 oktober 2013

I Spy...

In the third theme issue of the year clandestine dealings abound as Fenix Magazine takes on the subject of 'spies'.
 Kenneth Hite takes the opportunity to again flex his historical trivia muscles with "The Man You're Looking At - A who's who of Steampunk Spycraft", where a buffet of fascinating turn of last century characters are described both as factual and 'Full Steam' versions of themselves. Individuals such as Robert "Bob" Fitzsimmons; the boxing champion and stage magician who literally fought Houdini, Aubrey Herbert; the blind rooftop acrobat, Oxford scholar and master of disguise, or  Nikolai Kibalchich; the Ukrainian Tony Stark,  would surely spice up any Steampunk setting.
 History writer and Western aficionado Joakim Andersson takes a fresh look at spies and undercover fighters from the American civil war in "Kvinnor i Blått och Grått" (Women in Blue and Grey) and Pete Nash delves into the various ways covert business was conducted in ancient times in "Historical & Fantasy - Spies in Runequest".

"Steampunk Spycraft - Party Crasher"
lukas thelin, 2013, kenneth hite, fenix, steampunk spycraft, woman, female spy, disguise, steampunk robot, sci fi art

"Steampunk Spycraft - Characters"
lukas thelin, fenix, 2013, steampunk spies, portraits

"Women in Blue and Grey"
lukas thelin, fenix, 2013, western art, women spies, james bond poster

"Spies in Runequest"
lukas thelin, 2013, fenix, Runequest, fantasy spies, assassin

Some sketches

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