torsdag 3 oktober 2013

Winter is Coming...

So the world didn't end... THIS TIME.. but it was a close shave. To celebrate Earths resilience, the theme for Fenix #1 2013 is 'Post Apocalypse'.  Out of the smoke and debris, like a bespectacled Mad Max, strides Kenneth Hite with "The Lion in Fimbulwinter - Sweden in the day after Ragnarok". An expansion to his diesel-punk/fantasy setting 'The Day after Ragnarok", set in a fictional 1948 where the world is still reeling from the event called 'Serpentfall'. The Midgard Serpent, awoken by Nazi magic, and felled by US nukes, has in its death spasm crushed half of Africa and Europe, and left America a poisoned wasteland. Enemies, old and new, are everywhere. Sure, we're rid of the Nazis, but there's still the Russians, and the Giants...
 As I am originally from the north, and given the material, I felt it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to draw something that at least I have never seen before: A Troll raiding party clashing with a pair of Badass Sami Rangers out of Jokkmokk, armed with an Ophi-tech Plasma Lance.
  Finally, Kristoffer Krämer's Rpg adventure "Kammaren - Apokalypsens dödliga arv" (The Chamber - The Deadly Legacy of the Apocalypse), presents a conundrum that boils down to a question; When you've trapped the End of the World in a box, what warning could you inscribe to make sure no one EVER opened it. The battle between ingenuity and curiosity will determine the fate of the world. No pressure.

"The Lion in Fimbulwinter"
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"The Chamber"
lukas thelin, 2013, fenix, kristoffer krämer, kammaren, dig site, nazis

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Jonas sa...

Will amazing scene of The Lion in Fimbulwinter be in Hites PDF?